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Governor Message

Do you remember it?... Remember it!

Do you remember on July 1st, 2010, when we started this term? It was in the image of our Rotary commitment and of our heart. From the enthusiasm of President Ray, to the passion of our Governor, there was only that which was beautiful.


We had no visible obstruction, and besides, we did not know defeat. We had only spontaneity and confidence. We were as committed as ever. We had no trace of pessimism. Night and day, we were obsessed by the many challenges to be attempted, but we knew that together, we would have an exceptional term. We even spoke of an exceptional vintage!


Do you remember the distress of our fellow citizens that still haunted us? As well, the Polio, that we had hoped to extinguish in the last homes of our district, had returned slyly? Sociopolitical disturbances with their blighted cohorts, such as massive displacements of populations, called into question many domains that we had bragged about mastering: health, water, hunger, illiteracy. Nauseating, isn’t it?


Do you remember how, we approached each other sometimes with «great airs»?

There was obviously Rotarian and Rotarian. All these labyrinths and these mazes, all these obstacles and these imprisonments prevented the demonstration of any true friendship and any efficient solidarity in action. Every Club for its part, with its own customs, its elders and its sages, sought the occasion to show its abilities hoping to accomplish remarkable feats alone!


But, remember that on the evening of June 30th, 2011, we will give our accounting. Our purpose, indeed, was not only to be together, but also to shine and to move towards others. Rotary exhibits so many essential vital values that it is a tremendous gift to the elected leaders to allow them to re-invigorate generation after generation. There are many who not being a part of the “harem” has discovered Rotary as a circle of friendship, of discussion, and of sharing in a spirit of listening and of tolerance. This is essential. It is not only an opening for us, but also an image given to the world. And this image defines us well: openness, dialogue, and reflection...all in quality and friendly welcome.


Yes, it is good to open to others especially when they know well who we are. We could surpass ourselves; we have known to answer the appeal to our humanity; we have known how to render our clubs bigger, better, and more efficient; we have known to render our world better than when we found it; we have known to reinforce our communities and bridge our continents; we have known to show ourselves as worth descendants of Paul Harris and his friends; we have known to remain Rotarians.





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