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Future Vision Plan

The Rotary Foundation Future Vision Pilot is a three-year test of the new grant structure offered in the Foundation's Future Vision Plan . One hundred districts will participate in the pilot.

Pilot districts will have a unique opportunity to help refine the new grant structure by providing input and will receive specialized Foundation support and service. Pilot districts will be able to use up to 50 percent of their District Designated Fund  (DDF) for district grants, and also access global grants, which are matched by the World Fund.

Districts participating in the pilot must agree to follow the new grant structure throughout the pilot and to not participate in any of the current Foundation programs, with the exception of PolioPlus  and the Rotary Centers for International Studies . Participating districts also must appoint a district Rotary Foundation chair who will serve for the three years of the pilot (2010-13). The district governor for 2010-11 may choose to extend the current DRFC chair’s term or appoint a different Rotarian.

Participation in the pilot requires a firm, three-year commitment from the district. Once a district enters the pilot, it cannot withdraw. Districts will need to be patient and flexible because we are certain that as our program moves forward, there will be changes that were not expected at the beginning.

January 2010

  • District governor-elect and incoming district Rotary Foundation committee chair participate in Future Vision Pilot Training 17-18 January in San Diego, California, USA.
  • District continues to fulfill district-level qualification requirements.
  • District receives Grant Management Seminar Leader’s Guide to assist in qualifying clubs.

February 2010

  • District team begins training incoming club officers (at PETS, district assembly, and district conference).
  • District receives detailed information from the Foundation on applying for district grants, finalizes its district grant process, and sends application to clubs.

March 2010

  • District team provides training for club presidents-elect during PETS.
  • District begins qualifying clubs.
  • District receives detailed information on applying for global grants.

April-June 2010

  • District team provides training for incoming club officers during district assembly.
  • District continues qualifying clubs.
  • District finalizes plans for distribution of district grant funds and submits district grant application to the Foundation.
  • Clubs and/or district submit global grant applications to the Foundation.

July 2010

  • District begins to receive district and global grants and implement projects. Districts are no longer eligible to receive awards from current Foundation programs.


  • Districts participate in district grants and global grants and finish closing out all remaining Foundation grants from the current structure.








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